Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Anniversary to the Love of my Life...

  I think every girl dreams and imagines what her future husband will be like, and I was definitely no exception. I vividly remember daydreaming, wondering what my special man would look like, would act like, and would treat me like…and as I grew older, I realized I had this “perfect” image in my mind of what my marriage would be, and how my future husband would be. The more marriages and relationships I saw, I realized a godly, faithful, kind, gentle, and selfless husband is a rarity in this day and age. I prayed often that God would protect and direct my future spouse. And little did I know that at 19 years old, God would bring that “special someone” into my life, who would forever change my future, and who would help me realize what a big God I serve: a God that answers prayer, cares about me, and loves to bring joy into my life…far beyond my wildest hopes.

     For me, it was most certainly “love at first sight”! I was literally blown away by his character, his love and care for his little siblings, and yes… (Grin)…His amazing good looks! I know looks aren’t everything, as everyone says, but you do need a lot of chemistry to fall in love! After becoming friends and learning more about each other, our love began to blossom, and I realized what a true gem I had in my fella’! He wasn’t just an ordinary guy, but he was the kind of guy every girl dreams of calling her own. The more time we spent together, even in texts, letters, emails, and phone calls, I quickly realized he was my best friend…he knew me for who I was; I could relax and be myself around him, and he loved me just the same. I knew I could not live one day without him. We laughed the hardest when we were together. We had the most fun. We made the best memories; we were completely captivated with each other. Life had a total new meaning when Chad came into it. He became my hero, the person I could trust with all my heart, the one I could confide in, the one I could share my life goals with, the one I knew loved Jesus with all his heart and loved me. Our fairy tale love story did not take long to start unfolding.

      There are some really tender and special things my mind always goes back to when I think of our courtship and engagement. Even as a girl, I wondered if my boyfriend would write me love letters- the kind you read about in princess stories…and little did I know, I would soon have boxes of well thought out letters that had Chad spent hours writing and putting all his heart into…tied with ribbons and sealed with love. As you can imagine, getting the mail became the new highlight and thrill of my day. Another thing that made me feel so loved and important is Chad’s selflessness. He would find out what I enjoyed doing most, what made me smile- whether it was an activity, a gift, or a special act of kindness- and he would always put me first and himself last. After being married to him for a year, I realize that is who he is. He constantly strives to please me and make me happy, never giving a thought to himself or his desires. He continues to amaze me. He never gets frustrated or annoyed with me, although I know he has plenty of reason to many times. He is always patient with me, and talks through our problems or differences of opinions. I am learning from his example that true love is selfless! It is not about how I can make myself happier or more successful, but rather it is about putting someone before myself and loving them unconditionally.

     Our wedding and honeymoon could not have been more enjoyable or beautiful. It was the most wonderful week of my life, with the most precious person on this earth to me. Our love for each other has only grown over the past year… we have experienced hard times, and many happy times, but what matters is, we are going through life together… hand in hand. We are still learning so much about love, marriage, and each other, and although it’s been a year since we pledged our lives together, it almost seems like we are still on our honeymoon. I know I am the most blessed girl in the whole world, because I am married to the most wonderful man, and I can’t thank the Lord enough for bringing such a priceless treasure into my life. I pray God will continue to draw us closer to Himself and closer to each other. I can hardly wait to begin another year with the man of my dreams … the man who has my heart forever!


“…I found him whom my soul loveth…”  ­-Song of Solomon 3:4


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cade's Cove

About a week ago, Erin and I took a small drive on the Cade's Cove loop in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The unparalleled beauty of the Smokies in the fall is just breathtaking! The leaves were just beginning to turn color and are now really beginning to change.
I have always LOVED fall. Since I got married in November, I love it even more! =) Last fall, Erin and I enjoyed driving this loop at Cade's Cove, and it was special revisiting this place of the past and adding new memories to old ones. It's hard to believe that we will have been married a year next week! God is so good; I am so blessed! Can't wait to share more!

Friday, October 3, 2014

11 Months

Photo by Carlin
To My Dearest Friend, and Love of my Life...

The past 11 months that we have shared together have been the best moments of my life. I find that the more I get to know you, the more I love you! Even though it's been only 11 months, I feel like you have always been there and I can't imagine life without you! You are definitely the BETTER part of me. Erin, you are my biggest encouragement! You make me smile and laugh so hard! Even through the hard times of tears or times of disappointment, you always know how to point me in the direction of the Lord. I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me and yet words really do fail me. I love you so very dearly! Thank you for making this journey in life the best that it has ever been. I love you!

~ yf...for always...for forever...for only you!
           ....Psalm 121:1-2....

Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Time Alone

    Time is the most valuable asset that we have, and it always seems to be so scarce. We realize that we have to "make" time for the things that are of greatest priority, and let the things that are of less importance fade away. Erin and I have been waiting for a time where we could get away and be free from the busyness of everyday life. The Lord worked it out that we could spend some time in the sunny state of Florida. Erin knew of a place in the panhandle that was private, little known, and absolutely gorgeous...and she was right! We have been enjoying our time to the fullest by just being together.
Talking is one of our highlight's. Though it may sound super simple, we have found that communication is a key in staying close in our relationship. It's amazes me how the little things in life can distract us from having meaningful communication with each other.
   This place is truly beautiful. One of our favorite things has been to sit along the beach and watch the sunset over the Gulf of smell the fragrant salty air, and watch as the last traces of sunlight reflect off of the surf, slipping into twilight. The sounds of the waves rolling onto the white, sandy beaches and the cries of the seagulls, create a very peaceful atmosphere. We could't be happier sitting there together.
This time alone has given us a renewed love for each other, taught us more about each other, given us a vision for the months to come.
Psalm 105:4 "Seek the Lord, and His strength: seek His face evermore."

Monday, August 18, 2014

Erin's Hair Tutorial Part #2

Here's Part #2 of Erin's Hair Tutorial! Enjoy and God bless!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Great Friends

   I have been trying to keep up a regular date-night with my girl, and we chose to visit a special place we really enjoy. It's romantic, and the scenery is absolutely incredible! (well...I guess the scenery is always incredible when I am with Erin... =). McCloud Mountain resort and restaurant is nestled atop the Cumberland Mountains at an elevation of 2700 feet. About a half mile from the resort is the Chimney Sky walk. The place will take your breath away...I couldn't wait to break out the camera to capture some shots!
   We decided to bring some really good friends along on our little adventure, Brett & Kelsey. Erin became friends with Kelsey while attending college. Brett and Kelsey were married a few months before us and happily settled down not far from where we live. We attend the same church, and they both have been a blessing and an encouragement! They are expecting a baby girl soon! We are thrilled for them!
   I have learned that the people you hang around are the people you tend to be like...and Brett and Kelsey challenge us in our walk with the Lord and our relationship as a married couple. We are truly blessed with these great friends!

~ Chad...Psalm 121:1-2
 (Always for Erin)